Wei Wang

Professor of Physics

National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures and Department of Physics

Phone: +86 25 83686031

Fax: +86 25 83595535

Email: wangwei@nju.du.cn

My research interests are soft-condensed matter physics, such as protein folding and dynamics of biological networks. Using simplified protein models, we made studies on: folding of protein Tendamistat, downhill folding of protein BBL, and dimerization of protein chains in a confined space, and so on. We made intensive simulations based on all-atom protein model to study: folding process of trpzip2-hairpin and folding of Cys2His2-type zinc-finger motif. By building biological networks, such as p53 related network, we studied the cell fate decision mediated by p53 pulses. We also studied self-assembling and aggregation of short peptides and proteins.


Key Publications:


"Two-phase dynamics of p53 in the DNA damage response"

PNAS USA, 108 (22), p8990-8995(2011),

Xiaopeng Zhang, FengLiu*, and Wei Wang*


"Cell fate decision mediated by p53 pulses"

PNAS USA, 106 (30), p12245-12250(2009),

Xiaopeng Zhang, FengLiu*, Zhang Cheng, and Wei Wang*


"Confinement effects on the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein dimerization"

PNAS USA, 106 (14), p5517-5522(2009),

Wei Wang, WeiXin Xu, Yaakov Levy, E. Trizac, and P. G. Wolynes


"Energy Landscape and Multi-route Folding of Topologically Complex Proteins Adenylate Kinase and 2 out-knot"

PNAS USA, 109, in press

Wenfei Li, Tsuyoshi Terakawa, Wei Wang*, and Shouji Takada*


"Metal-Coupled Folding of Cys2His2 Zinc-Finger"

JACS, 130 (3), p892-900(2008),

Wenfei Li, Jian Zhang, Jun Wang and Wei Wang*


"Atomistic Analysis of Pseudoknotted RNA Unfolding"

JACS, 133 (18), p6882-6885(2011),

Yujie Zhang, Jian Zhang and Wei Wang*


"Propagation of firing rate in a feed-forward neuronal network"

PRL, 96, 018103(2006),

Sentao Wang, Wei Wang* and Feng Liu


"Phase order in chaotic maps and in coupled map lattice"

PRL, 84 (12), 2610-2613(2000),

Wei Wang, Zhonghua Liu and Bambi Hu



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